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GBS is a boutique team of consumer research experts with a singular focus on helping Planning and Insights teams meet their demanding list of deliverables. Our passionate Consultants are selected not only for their expertise in consumer insights, but also their agile project management skills and proactive mindsets. We have a deep understanding of how successful projects are developed and executed, and are ready to hit the ground running at whatever stage of the process you need us.

GBS quickly becomes an extension of your own team, autonomously and transparently managing your projects and implementations. We know what it takes to make our clients shine, and we stay on top of all the details until the job is done.

Our number one goal is to make your life easier.

Our number one goal is to make your life easier.

Our Approach

The GBS Approach is based on 3 client-centric principles:

Manage Smarter

We always start a project by listening – to understand the business, the questions AND the context. From here, we’ll expertly and autonomously manage our assigned projects, supporting you and your agency with full transparency and regular, informative updates to optimize the efficiency on both sides during every step of the process. We understand that there are never enough hours in a day, or enough resources on a team. Our qualified and flexible Consultants are driven to help you deliver, and that goes further than just expert consumer insights…

Need a stakeholder briefing for yesterday? We’ll take care of it. Documents need to be uploaded to your knowledge platform? Consider it done. Help chasing stimulus? We’ve got your back. With the GBS team working for you, your days can go back to being focused on top priorities, and your evenings can go back to being your own.

Deliver Faster

Your assigned GBS team members will be immediately available, dedicated to your project and focused on its successful completion.

Our extensive experience means we can jump in at any stage of a project, quickly change direction at any time, and all while delivering results with a higher level of tactical and strategic direction.

Working in partnership with your team, or any research agencies on your roster, we’ll adjust turnaround time and deliver against challenging deadlines.

Maximise Insights

Analysing data, finding hidden nuggets and crafting actionable strategies puts us in our happy place. Consider our insight gurus as a toolkit at your disposal. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than knowing we’ve squeezed every bit of learning out of research results – expertly building your insights arsenal and allowing you to deliver on objectives.

This process also includes identifying and utilizing existing internal resources. Our immersive approach to understanding our clients and their objectives means we communicate with a variety of departments and job functions across an organization. This holistic understanding allows us to break down silos and facilitate the sharing of critical research and resources across internal teams.


The CMO calls you with an urgent project and results are due in 3 weeks.
You and your team already have your hands full and you have no idea how you’ll fit in this new deliverable.
Where can you get qualified support on such short notice?

Solution: The helping hands at GBS.


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